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EPOS Adapt 560 II Bluetooth Headset, USB-A

Adapt 560 II

Part #: EP1001160  •   Manufacturer: EPOS  •   Mfr. SKU#: 1001160

MSRP: $285.00

Price: $285.00

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On-ear, Bluetooth headset with BTD 800 USB-A dongle and carry case

The ADAPT 560 II features a new headband and softer earpads for long-term wearing comfort. Get clearer calls with the foldable boom arm that delivers excellent speech intelligibility and use ANC in noisy environments. Certified for Microsoft Teams


•The sleek, foldable boom arm and 2 advanced microphones optimize voice pick up for clearer office and mobile calls.

•4 ANC microphones reduce background noise to increase work focus, together with plush ear pads for good sound isolation.

•Low impact headband and softer earpads remove potential pressure points ensuring a comfortable fit in the office or on the move.