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Revolabs FLX RF-Armor™ Omni Tabletop Microphone
Part #: RL10-FLXMIC-OM
Manufacturer: Yamaha

MSRP: $239.00
Price: $165.20

Revolabs’ tabletop omni-directional wireless microphone is the perfect solution for audio and video conferencing in smaller conference rooms, featuring 360º pickup patterns to capture all speech above and around the microphone. Available for the Revolabs HD™ and Fusion™ lines of wireless microphone systems and the FLX wireless conference phone, Revolabs’ omni-directional microphone provides exceptional audio quality, flexibility in microphone placement, and a clean look in any space.

Key Benefits
360º Pickup Patterns: Capture speech from three to six people. Unobtrusive: Compact microphones take up little space on the conference table.

Sleek Design: Offer a modern look to compliment any environment.

Flexibility: Can be used with Revolabs HD™ and Fusion™ wireless microphone systems and FLX™ wireless conference phone.

The Freedom of Wireless: Can easily be placed anywhere in a room to adjust for your current application needs.

Fool-Proof Operation: Offer one-button simplicity and automatic frequency changes to avoid interference.

No GSM Interference: Impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.

Rechargeable: Provide up to eight hours of talk time and saves the expense of battery replacement.

Utilizes DECT Protocol: Protected against future radio frequency changes.

Crystal-Clear Audio: Be heard with exceptional audio quality.
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